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Earn money online

Earn Money Online/ Earn Money as a Freelancer

Date: 7th-8th July (Two days Workshop)

Timings: 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM

What you can do by end of the workshop
1) You will start earning Online
2) You will be able to earn from what you like to do
3) You will be learning the key ways of earning online
4) You will start earning from the basic skills you know
5) You will be able to sell products online
6) You will be a skilled professional in freelancing with a number of skills

Who should attend?
• Housewives
• School & College Level students
• People looking out to earn from their hobbies
• Beginners looking for guidance
• Working professional and well as job seekers
• Professionals looking for a second income
• People who minimum or no technical knowledge

You should know the basic usage of computers and internet.

Registration Price (Monsoon Offer): Rs. 2000/- Only

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