How can You use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

While instagram continues to grow in popularity, so many people are just waiting to like the picture that you have uploaded. It only helps your business to flourish in the social media platform. Some businesses might thing that there is only need of the images and once it is uploaded people will start liking it and start post the comments. But t requires more efforts then just posting a picture.

One thing that should be kept in mind should be that the people should read about your bio that is mentioned on the top of your page.

You should very clearly define your business purpose and what all is included in your business so that the followers will show their interest in your page and start liking the pictures and post comments on it.

You should also link your social media account to your instagram account so that the images uploaded on different social media sites can be seen on instagram as well. If you have any Facebook or other account then it should be mentioned on instagram as well so that people can visit your entire website and support your work.

A very new is technique is launched by instagram now-a-days only. It is known as 10 seconds video. It is really helpful because you can make your video explaining about what your company is doing as well as you can post a video showing the different efforts and hard work that your company employees are doing. It helps to allure many new followers. It has now become the genre of getting traffic on your website.

Make this thing very clear in your mind that if you share some of your personal images, that are not purely professional, then it will connect more with the customer than the professional images.

If you post the picture that can be commonly found in the magazine or somewhere else then it will not really connect with the people. They always want something fresh from your side.

After posting such images you will yourselves feel that the comments and likes on your images have increased because the more personal the images will be the more the people will get attracted and attached to it. Interaction with the customer is very essential because they are the whole sole ones who will increase the traffic on your page as well as on your website.

If you want more and more people to like and share your pictures you need to hash tag them. It refers to as that if you are posting any image then you can hash tag the person who has clicked it, The one who has supported for capturing the image, the place where the shot is done and other things.

This is important because whenever you tag a person or place it is also visible on their website as well. So it will help you in gaining the traffic on your website as well as on the page.

Instagram has got a lot as a marketing tool but only if it is used in a proper way. If you started following these techniques then definitely you will see the increase of followers on your page as well as website.

One thing that should be kept in mind should be that the people should read about your bio that is mentioned on the top of your page.

How to get more shares from social media

There are many questions which come to the mind of the public but it is our duty to give them the answer of the question which they need. What is important for you is to bring more and more shares to the website. For the same you need to write well content for the website.

Many times, people don’t like reading the long articles but it is the fact that long articles do have lot of content and can solve the problem which the readers are facing. If your article is accurate you will get shares of the article and will therefore increase the amount of people reading it as well as sharing it.

As now-a-days most of the people are very much inclined towards Facebook. It is very substantial place to choose where you know readers will at least once click to read your article. Too many cooks spoil the broth. This proverb can come true if you don’t select the correct social media optimization strategy. There are many social media networks which can be chosen to increase the shares.

The list which is known by everyone is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, twitter. These are the four-main media which will help you in getting more and more shares. You can share the video, links of different articles and blogs through Facebook and can get the shares on your link if it connects with the people. So, keeping in mind some of the factors that connect with the reader will give you more than 100 shares a day.

Twitter is the way of social media where you must write in short about the content that you are providing. To get more and more numbers of shares, keeping in mind to begin with you should keep up a free account with twitter and start following the fellow people and start sharing your work. This is required with all the social media marketing strategy.

Attraction marketing is very useful at the time of sharing from social media. It is true that if you attract the people with your content you must make them stable to read it all and that can be cured with the help of attraction marketing.


sial share

Sharing more and more of your content will force the reader to read the content. The essence of social media is which channel will communicate who you are most effectively. Treating all the social media channels as one, will lead you in a lot of pressure and will drain all your resources. So it is very prominent to see that which medium will deliver the best result in communicating your message as well as helping you in gaining more and more shares.

As we know that social media provide awareness as well as knowledge but it is true that it also provides profit. It is very difficult to tell the exact measure that social media have on the website but studies have shown that it is around 2% of revenue that are generated by social media channel. It is therefore very important to choose the correct social media channel for getting more and more shares.


Recently only, linkedin launched the largest desktop redesign since its inception. This change or you can say this redesign has the main aim to provide more smooth and better linked in experience to the users which is more faster, intuitive and creates more value. It really doesn’t matter whether you are using laptop or smart phone. You can access it seamlessly and get most relevant and professional content, conversations and many other golden opportunities. Few of the enhancements have been made in this new design of linkedin and some of them are as follows:-


1- Greater insight that who is viewing your content. You will be able to view or see that who is viewing, reading and engaging with the content you have shared. Most probably you will be able to see the job title and location all those people who are interested in your update. This new design or new changes which have been made in linked in helps you to stay more productive and go ahead of your career. Very soon an extremely simple design will be launched of linked in.

2- New messaging method helps you to connect with numerous other golden opportunities. This real time messaging and texting start from linked in connection from where you can be socially connected. Very soon the platform will start serving up more insights across the site to help you break the conversation and connect to the next level or opportunity.

3- This new designs of linked in makes your profile noticeable. The profile suggestions have been improved. Now you can easily know the skills for which recruiters are looking for or what are their exact requirements. You can use these different profile suggestions so that it would help you to upgrade your profile. You can use these profile suggestions to look your best professionally.

4- Linkedin is the most important and universal search box to find jobs, people, companies or groups or schools or institutions. Now this also got an option for filter on the right hand side.

5- Now a day’s all users are able to find out the relevant content from the people and publishers about whom they are the most. Many other new things will be added very soon.  So that you can get many other options or you can dive into specific topics of your choice and follow trending stories.


Facebook introduced this slideshow feature a year back only, which is 2016. This slide show feature lets you turn your photographs’ and videos turn into mini movies with themed music. And now this slideshow feature has been also introduced in android app. This feature was introduced as a part of face book’s stand alone application. With this special slide show feature users can easily combine multiple photos and videos into a slide show and they can also add some music and also some of the customized title to complete their video.

This slide show feature is quite useful. This slide show feature in their post to face book options are just above the tag friends and after tapping on it, they will be directed to the gallery of photos and videos.


The social network has announced and confirmed that they are testing slide show in android app. It is still not public yet but it is also said that face book will make some tweaks before launching this feature to public. Here I will tell you how to use this slide show feature:-

Firstly, select photographs and videos from your gallery, then set a customized title for it, do select a perfect music which you like or which would go according to the slid shows or which literally suits according to your photographs. Then perform your last step that publishes it to face book. It is expected that this slide show feature would make many things easier for an android users. These slide show features was actually introduced or let’s stay born as a part of face book’s stand alone moment’s app. This slides show feature is being tested on beta version for a month as if now.

Apart from creating slideshows with a themed music you can tag your friends as well. With the arrival of slide show feature on the face book beta app for android, you can create your own slide show and then you don’t need to scroll down through your newsfeed to view any other slide show.