Is Longer Article really better than Shorter Ones?

Is it that longer article are much more effective than the shorter ones? Well this is not being true because various people are not in a habit of reading long articles. They want to read small and crisp article which they can relate with. If they can easily relate to it then it is possible that audience can read it as well.

What all should be present there in an article? There should be the originality, truthfulness in an article so that the people can connect to it easily. Audience read the article so that they can clear their mind about the specific topic.

Something they don’t know but want to know about it will help your article in gaining traffic as well. The more you will write according to the need of the audience the more they will make up their mind to glance at your article.

Many people also have a thought in their mind that why are they wasting their mind by writing so long article and not even engaging the traffic? Then it is really essential to know that writing article is not a waste of time but you have to build up such target audience which are ready to read your articles.

Even if you are writing longer article it should create a curiosity in the mind of the people so that they continue reading about it.

Everyone’s time is money for them so it should not be wasted. If you are thinking that writing longer article is not providing you any income then you should try writing the shorter one and try to explain each and every point in short. It will be beneficial for you as well as for your website.

But, if audience are encouraging you to write longer article then might be there is something which is making them read your article again and again.

So it is better to write according to you and your demand of the audience because they are the only one who will encourage you to write the article.

There are many bloggers who writes according to the demands of their audience and it is also better to write because they are the one who are going to read your article. With more perfection you will write the more you will get highlighted on Google and the more your post will be shared by others.

It is better to write then just leave writing. The more searches you will get on your article the more you will have traffic on your website.

It is important to write a good content if you want to gain more and more traffic on your website. So it does not matter whether you write a long or short article, it should only connect with your targeted audience.

4 new trends of content marketing useful for digital marketing

What comes into your mind when you think about digital marketing? One thing that you can never forgets about? That is content marketing. You cannot think digital marketing without content marketing. Content marketing is one of the best things that you can do at the time of promoting your website. It is the best way to indulge the people into it.

It involves better engagements, better response, better public, and usually cost less other than the forms of marketing.

  • User- friendly content: the more content you will write about the related to the people then only you can decide to know your public.


Otherwise, you won’t be able to know the people and audience that are reading your articles. So, it is important that you become a bit of user-friendly because if you can connect with the demands of people in their reading style then you can easily encourage them to write your work for your betterment as well.


You can add various new and different types of things which can help in interacting with them because they love to read about your life, your happenings either good or bad.


  • Making more influencers: in today’s market it has become so useful to have more and more influencers because they can help you and your website as well to grow more and more.


It is not easy to attract people towards your website but once you have done it, it will be normal for you to make them know you.


  • Video content: as we have discussed about it before as well that how video content can help the people to make their doubt clear about the facts.


The more you can get understood by the help of the video it is not possible that you can get so much attracted by the content.


The more the video can help any other content marketing won’t help. Showing content through videos is the best of engaging more and more shares and likes on our profile and our website.


  • Source of news: we all know this very well that social media is the best source of getting source from. We can get to know about different news with the help of social media.


They upload the news faster than anybody else does. So with the help of social media as well we can make our content very powerful because the news are very well organised that we can get from the social media.


It also helps in engaging the people more and more towards your content.

Ways by which you can attract the audience towards your content

Many people have started with their own blogs but have faced some problem or the other. Many people don’t have patience when it come to content marketing but it should be kept by the people if they want to earn some goodwill.

The people most of the time forgets that they have started a new work which will take time to grow. It cannot get flourished in a small period of time but yes by working hard on it on respective basis can help you in getting more and more traffic on your website.

  • Content should educate the audience: The content that is provided by you to the people should be able to educate them about the topic that you are writing upon.


Most of the people are in a habit of surfing the internet a lot so they basically try to find a topic which can provide them education and they can learn from it. But it is not that only your content has to be good even your way of writing and showing the different aspects of things should also matters a lot.


You should always try to write a valuable content for your audience so that they can get benefits from it and can join you for more and more updates of new topic.


  • Online videos: As we all know we can learn a lot from the videos then by reading the contents. If we can learn from the videos then it is also important to make the video worth watching.


If you are making it just for fun and don’t want to get more and more traffic then you are doing wrong with yourselves because then you won’t be able to get the traffic on your website and it will be your failure.


If you want to gain traffic then your video should have something so unique that it can attract the audience so easily and they can start following you more and more.


  • Data should be strong: The data that you provide to your audience should be so powerful that it can create more and more shares for you.


If you cannot provide the data that is not worth reading then there is no use of making the content as well. The data that you can provide to the audience should be very unique.


If it is unique and new then they will forget about the habit of your writing and can neglect your writing but if you are neither providing the data as well as you are not writing well as well then there is no use of writing. So it is better you provide a useful data to the audience.

Does digital Marketing has any connection with Storytelling?

Why is it always said that you should tell someone that kind of story which helps in making the picture in the mind? It is done so because the more you will able to understand the story the more deep you go into it otherwise it will be like someone speaking but you are not paying attention towards it.

The same happens with digital marketing. The deeper you can think about it the more you can understand it better. When you are posting something on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else you should know the complete thing about what you are posting about.

It is not that you know just the gist of it and you uploaded it. This can only be done by a person who does not want traffic on their website.

But when you want lots and lots of people to read about it then why not you try to make the thing clear in their mind. It should be clear to you first because the audience can ask you the question about it and then it will be your responsibility to give the exact answer that is asked by them.

If you fail to do so then it is waste to write something related to it.

When you don’t know about it anything then you should not even take a step to upload it on social media as well because it is the work of the public to make gossips on it but the facts that is important is that you should learn to use digital marketing in a better way.

As digital marketing is also related to storytelling, that is done by all in our society. Once you have started with a story it can get viral in a second.

Same is the concept of digital marketing as well the once you upload it somewhere or the other is transferred from one place to other.

But it has benefits as well. There are some points that you also want to explain to people. For example- the elections that happened in various states is the best example of digital marketing.

Everybody part of it got to know about it from somewhere or the other. But this helped in building up of curiosity level of the people.

If you love to deliver the story and you are a content marketer then it is your duty to explain the people about different stories that are going on in and around.

If you want to get popular in today’s world it is really important that you learn to make up stories because people are very much in need of it.

10 points to build up a homepage of your website

What is the most important thing that is visited by the audience

when they visit your blog? It is your homepage. It is really

important to showcase your homepage because all the positive

things can be seen only when you are a part of it. And when

you can show it the way it has to be. You should be very much

truthful towards your blog and also describe about it.

Draw the attention of your reader. It is really essential to show

on your homepage how you work on your blog and other

aspects of it. What all is included and covered by your blog.

 It really matters to the people that how you have created your

homepage because the first impression any audience can get is

from your homepage which has to be attractive and with

attractive it means that it should be attractive in designing as

well as the content of it should also be very well written and


 You cannot make the homepage of your website according to

your demands you have to depend on the targeted audience

that what are their requirements from your website.

 You should definitely show the work of your company and what

is done by your organisation. It helps you up in building of your

contacts with different person.

 You should always put required and satisfactory information on

your homepage which will invite a lot of people to have a

glance on your homepage So that the clients can visit your


 You should always provide brief information about your

company. It is really required by some of the people so that

they can know the work and experience that your company

has. It is very effective and leaves a positive impact on the

minds of the targeted audience.

 Make sure that the homepage of your website is properly

linked and it do not create any complications at the time of

exploring your website and secondly, the company should have

a unique logo because if it do not have a unique one then it will

not remain in the senses of the audience.

 It is beneficial to have a unique logo so that it never forgotten.

The more colourful will be the logo the more people will get

attracted towards it.

 If possible you can also upload some of the information of your

clients which can help you wherever you have any query or you

are stuck somewhere. It shows your concern for the audience

that you want to get linked up with your viewers.

 There should always be an online option so that you can also

chat with the company person to solve your query.

 These are the things which should never be forgotten while

indulging in the making of the website. It is very essential and

helpful in long run.

How “LIVE” has changed the picture of Digital Marketing?

As we all know that the time of internet has come. If we don’t use internet we will be called as a dead person living on this earth. Internet has become the daily need of all and because of the internet the digital marketing is growing more and more.

Everything is included under digital marketing is worked upon the internet because the work of social media marketing and others are completed by the help of internet only. This has solved the problem of connecting with different people and sharing your thoughts with them.

The more you will share your thoughts the more you will be known by the people and somehow internet has solved this problem of connectivity.

There are various new things which are launched by the social media platform which are more helpful at the time of promoting your website.

  • Facebook live: Digital marketing has solved the problem of going live with the people. Now whatever you are doing, you can share that with the people and then can know about it the way you want to tell them.


If you are doing something precious for the society then you can share it on Facebook because it is that platform where you can share your different views with the public and they also love to see it how you are taking your work ahead.


This option you can find on the top of the news feed under the status update bar and by clicking on “go” you can easily “go live”.


  • YouTube live: You can also go live on YouTube. It is a platform which everybody can observe whatever you are uploading. If it strikes them then definitely they will share your post which will help you in bringing traffic on your website and with that you can easily earn goodwill.


Many people who are constant on YouTube can see observe your activities. You just have to provide a relatable content to the people so that they can learn more from it.


All the mobile users can go live by clicking ‘capture’ and then you go live for all your followers.


  • Twitter live: It is very impressive platform to interact with different people where you can keep the followers update with the news that is currently going on.


On twitter creating a new tweet gives you a ‘Live’ option. Once you have logged on then you can share your videos with different people and they can give their opinion on your video and can make it viral for all.


  • Instagram live: This is the new option which can be used by all the people who are present on Instagram. If you are sharing some of your personal videos there is the option as well to share it with your friends which is also very beneficial because you can interact with your acquaintances for their feed and then make it something different for the common pubic.


This will help you in maintain a link between both the private as well as personal life.


You just have to click on your story and then have to press the button long so that it can make a 10 second video for you. This is a really great platform to indulge with the people and share your news with them.