How to make groups active on Facebook

There are many advantages of social media campaigning but one big advantage is that people start knowing you. Whenever you post something or the other on Facebook or any social media platform people follow it, once click on it to know what the link is all about. You started this thing with making your reputation among the public who are available on social media platforms.

Facebook as a platform of social media marketing is the best way to inform people about your product and services. There are various kinds of things which can be done with the help of Facebook groups and those are like sharing of the links on various groups, inviting various friends on your page to like it.

To make a connection with people you should make a Facebook group. This is absolutely different from building up of the website for the people. In that website audience can only observe the positive aspects of your website but in this group you can tell them about the work that their company do and even take the advice of the audience that what new should be implemented in your page and give them also the power to add various new people in your group so that new people can give new ideas.

As we all know “the bigger, the better” it refers to as that the big group you have of your Facebook friends the more you will get the opportunity to meet new people.

Your Facebook group should have a specific topic. It is essential because people care more about themselves so if you create a group which will help them more, then you will have a lot of people involve in your group.

If your Facebook groups lack specificity, you won’t have interested audience and you will be left devoid of traffic.

Most important think which people feel they should not do and it should be done that is you should keep your group closed. It is important because no extra person can enter your group without your permission. By removing the barriers you will degrade the quality if group itself.

It is very simple to join a group. It is just for some reasons that the group is kept as closed group to maintain the dignity of that group.

You should always welcome a new member in the group with a welcome video. It is very attractive as well as engages various new entries as well.

These are some of the ways of engaging the new people for your group so that they can also know about the new things happening around.

Few steps which will help you in Maintaining your Blog

People thinking that blogging is a tough task but once you start performing it, it becomes very easy day by day. There are few of the things which will make you a great blogger. This can only happen if you follow these steps. Few steps are as follow:

  • Identify the task: The best way to not waste your time and keep your work completed is to identify your work. You just have to make a list of the time how many you have to work for the blog and after making it you will be sure when you have to work on it.


If you have made this your routine then it will be easy for you to work on your blog each day.


This will help you in long run as well. The more you will try to work on the task that you have found out the more you will be able to write well on your blog.


  • Write down ideas: Writing down the ideas will definitely help you in the work that you have to do for your blogs. Pining down your ideas will help you in finding one of the topics for your blogs.


Sometimes those ideas which come suddenly are more effective than those which you think by taking a lot of time. Sometimes absurd ideas are more suitable than the normal ones.


It is very helpful but why? It is helpful because in a day you will write 10 ideas but in a week you will have 70. Isn’t it nice? You can any day pick one topic and start writing on it after having full information about it. It will indirectly save your lot of time in reviving the topics in your mind.


  • Write it at one: Many of the people are in habit of thinking the topic at on time and then writing it another time but that is wrong, why?


It is wrong because the idea that once you have in your mind will gradually fades away and it will definitely be not beneficial for you. So it is better to write at once the things rather than waiting for the right time to come.


You don’t need to get time for blogging you can do it anytime you want. It is basically for fun. You are sharing your ideas with the audience and it is appreciable to share the ideas. So it is better when you love to do blogging do it there and then.


  • Phones are helpful: It becomes very difficult to carry your laptops everywhere but you have the new technology with you. It is your mobile phones which provide you with all the facilities and you can write on it.


There is word, office on your phone which will help you in writing your blog. So there is no worrying about your laptop, you can search about the topic on your phone and even write it accordingly on it.

With the help of few points you can build up a really productive blog. These are few steps which can easily take you to achieve your target of blogging.

What should be the social media strategy for building up the brand?

What is most important for an entrepreneur? Building up the successful brand name of their company. People tend to buy the products from those who have their full support and trust.

To reach out the target audience social media marketing is the best platform to do it. You can reach people very easily with the help of social media marketing.

If you have consistency in your social media marketing then you will be having a lot of followers because of their trust on you. You should have accurate information about yourselves on each social media profile. It should not be different on different social media network. It should match with each other so that the people can come to know about you equally on social media page.

This will help you in building up of the strategy to grow your business. it is not the only thing that you require in social media marketing you also need to be little bit patient and have to treat all your followers and viewers just like normal human beings.

You have to show your human side, because social media users crave authenticity.

You have to make your first impression the best impression on the mind of the viewers. To gain confidence of your audience tell them about the truth of your life.

Take them to the life that you live and it will connect the people with you the most and this will be helpful for you to showcase your product to the people and build up the marketing strategy.

Another strategy that you should follow is to reply on the comments that are made by the public on your page. If you will never communicate with them how will they know the real you? And if they don’t know you well then they will never able to connect with your brand and will not able to build a fine social media strategy.

Next method is to see what kind of content you are sharing on different social media channel. If you are sharing one thing on Facebook then the same content should not be shared on other social media. Try to be as more creative as you can be and play with your words to get more and more audience.

The length of the content should also vary from Facebook to snapchat. You will write lengthier on Facebook rather than writing on snapchat. The picture that you will share on snapchat should be so attractive that there will be no need of writing anything for it.


How to generate more traffic on your website by hook or by crook?

Many people think that it is very difficult to get the traffic on your website. But it is not the same for all. People think that by living a truthful life and be truthful with the audience will get a lot of traffic on your website but it sometimes not the truth.

Getting the traffic on your website is just similar to how you have to earn money. The way you try more and more money by hook or by crook same is the case with generating traffic. If you are suffering to get more and more traffic then you can use these tactics for your website.

  • Hold a contest: Holding a contest will help you a lot in gaining more and more traffic on your website. This is useful because you can keep some of the games for the viewers because they get attracted by the coupons that are provided by you.


Keeping in mind that whatever you are doing is for the generating the traffic on your website and even once if you can generate then it will be similar of getting the money from your website.


Using this kind of contest platform will help you in getting more and more traffic on your website.


  • Guest posting: Guest blogging is very essential when you need traffic on your website because when you write some blogs on your website or you write something on the others blog post then it will help you in gaining more traffic on your website.


First, you need to find some relevant blog and after finding them you can start writing on a particular topic it will help you in gaining the traffic on your website. Guest blogging will help you as well as others bloggers as well to gain more and more traffic.


  • Old content: It is sometimes very helpful for the bloggers to post old content without making any changes n it because it is true that “old is gold” and the readers also forgets about the old post very soon.


  • So it sometimes helps in remembering the old things in building up the traffic. Think about it, if you share your blog again and again on social media why not you will get traffic on your website. You will surely engage a lot of traffic on your website.

If your content is relevant and up-to-date then you will surely engage a lot of traffic on your website.


  • Holding a webinar: It is one of the best and the most attractive way of getting traffic on your website for free. You keep an online seminar, presentations, lectures which will help you in earning traffic. But firstly you have to know the topic that you are going to have a seminar on. You should know about that topic inside out.


The more you will help a webinar the more public will be attracted by you because they just want to gain knowledge and when it is getting for free why would anybody leave it.

You don’t have to work that hard to get the traffic if you know what your audience like then you can easily get the traffic on your website. If you can put the best content then definitely you can achieve the more traffic for your website.

How to get more people to comment on your blog post?

The question is for all- does the word limit matters a lot in your content? No, really not. Nobody gets influenced by the word limit that you are providing the people. They get impressed by the content that you are providing and why they get impressed because it solves the problem of their life.

What matters for them is that the blogger have left the comment option or not. It is important because the viewers also want to express their views about the content and if it is not mentioned then there is no need of writing the content for them because if they won’t be able to comment on your work then they will never able to relate with the work too.

Most of the comments that you get on social media are basically on Facebook and other social media website. So it is essential to post on these platforms so that the viewers can see them and leave their comment.

Many of the bloggers don’t like the option of posting comments but it is essential because you can know what your mistakes are and when the viewers will see the option of comment they will definitely leave a comment on your blog. These are also the strategies that are very useful at the time writing a blog. If you want more and more viewers to read your blog post then it is beneficial to provide the option of commenting.

What make them comment on your blog post? Making such content that they can relate with. You have to build up a great traffic for your blog so that you can get comments on the same.

If you have a huge traffic and there are large numbers of followers then you have chances to get a lot of comment on your blog post but if you don’t have followers as well then it will be very difficult for you to get more and more comments.

Choosing the right topic is really important. For that you can take the help of Google suggestion and will know that what is common among the people what they are searching about.

If you attack on those particular topics then you can easily get more and more comment on your blog post because people will get more curious to know more about the things that they are searching for and you are writing on the same topic.

These are the few of the steps that will help in getting more and more comment on your blog post. Just remember be transparent with your audience and the more you will get love and comment from them.

How can you built new blog with the help of new tools?

It is very tough for a new blogger to make his position in this field of content marketing. If you are doing content marketing then you must be having a plenty of content with you which can be used as a method which you can use whenever you are in need of it.

If you want to become the best blogger then you need to know the importance of various tools that can be helpful for you at the time of writing the blog.

You can take the help of Google suggestions. It refers to as that whenever you write something on Google or you search something on Google you also get various suggestion of the word that you type. This will help in knowing that what people are searching and what their demands are.

You can take help from them and start writing according to the need of the viewers. The more you will write what they need, the more you can earn traffic on your website.

Have a visit on various sites like Quora, forums etc. These will help you know that what people are searching and what they are talking about because these are those sites where the questions are asked by the people relating to different topics so it is important that you know what new topics are common among the people, what they are discussing about and what they want from you.

You just have to type the keyword and will come to know what discussion is going on, on that particular topic and you can also take a healthy part in that discussion.

You should also ask your audience about what they want from you. There will be different kind of topics that they will serve you with but now it is up to you that which topic can be useful for a lot and start writing the blog about that topic so that it can prove to be useful for the people who are following you.

You can upload the same thing on Facebook as well. The numbers of followers that you have will help you in writing a new blog on the current topic that you have selected.

Using these methods will somehow help you in gaining new followers on your niche. They will get attracted towards your blog because you are writing according to their needs which they want from others as well.

The more you will write for them with the help of Google keywords and suggestions the more you will get traffic on your website.