Adding Good Quality Images to Your Blogs or Website can get you More Website Traffic

You really want to create your blog a high quality blog? You are not getting anything in your mind that you should do to improvise your blog? One of the best ways is to add high end and relevant images to your blog. For once, a reader will not read your blog without images but if your blog post contains relevant images or photographs, the reader will definitely look forward for your blog post. Adding relevant images can give many benefits for your blog and contributes a lot in making your website successful.

Some of the benefits of inserting images in your blogs are mentioned below:

  • Bringing traffic to your website: studies have shown that 94% more page views are attracted if the blog post has images against the posts which do not have images on them. We all know how important it is to have more website traffic and page views in terms of blogging. The success and getting better ranking of a blog on internet is totally determined on the website views and traffic.
  • Increasing probability to come up in search engines: blogs and websites with images on them tend to come up in the search engine and probability of getting clicked increases by 60% than those blogs or website which do not have images in them. People are more likely to click and open the blogs and websites which have images as they rely more on the images and the web users try to get in touch with the companies which have images on their blogs coming up in the search results.
  • Increases the trust: people tend to rely more on the blogs which have images with the text than only on the text. Not only this, by adding relevant images, the readers gets the help of relating himself more to the blog and finds it easy to understand what you are trying to write.
  • Engagement is higher: adding relevant images to your website or blog will help the viewer to stay at your website or blog for a longer time. Images with text is always advisable over plain text and adding a link can give a boost in building your relationship with the audience through engaging them on your page.
  • Conversion level increases: if your blog or website is specifically about products and services then a good quality images per product is a much needed. The product or service whichever you are promoting should have best of the images to get a better response. It is seen that a conversion rate is much higher when images are added. Customers are more attracted towards the images.

The answer to the question asked in the first places is given. The mantra of making your business successful is to add good quality relevant images to your blog post or website so that website traffic can increase and relationship with your visitors is also maintained.

How to get more views on YouTube Videos

You may have uploaded various videos but how to make more views on the video is still difficult to judge. After all what is the point in making video when nobody is going to watch it, right? If your video on YouTube is not getting more like and comments then definitely you are missing at some point or other.

With millions of people uploading and viewing your video on YouTube, you won’t be getting all the attention that you hope for. But the numbers of viewers can be increased if you follow some of the steps that might have lost while making a video.

  • Video content: it the most common thing which everybody keeps their eye on but still forgets to put the strength and hard work for their viewers. If your content is so strong and provides meaning as well then the work of promotion is done by your viewers as well.


If your viewers like your video then they will definitely share it on their respective pages and it will definitely lead to the increase in the number of people who are following you.

Sometimes the video also depends on the length of it.


The length normally should be small so that the people can connect to it. But it is not always the same. Sometimes the length is more than needed but the message that it gives should be relevant and connecting, then only the viewers will share it.


  • Providing values: if you want to learn how to provide values, first you have to learn about your audience and about your target audience. And if you are making your next video firstly, visit your videos and blogs again and have a look that how much of them are admired by audience.


It is really important to see what values are essential for you audience. If you are really struggling with the video then take a moment and thing what can be done to improve the video. Have you forgotten to mention the values correctly? Or something important is missing? Is the video is so slow or too fast?


Have you ever thought of providing a review box? It is very important. Why? Because, you will come to know what are the preference of your targeted audiences. What they want you to make for the next time. So providing a review box after your video is really beneficial.


  • Making friends: it is absolute common but really useful one. It is so because if you will have more friends you will definitely have more shares and like and that will lead to more views on the video.

Adding friends not only increase your views but also make your account active and popular. Take your time and find friends who have the common views like you. User will only come to know you when they will find their content worthy to see and read. So it is really substantial to make such a content that matches with your audience.

Making more views on YouTube is a tough task but if these things are kept in mind then you can able to achieve it. Just need good content and presentation.

Free Google tools that should be used!!

We all know that Google is a very popular and powerful marketing tool and a phenomenal search engine tool. Any marketer can tell you easily that the goal for their online marketing is to dominate Google.  We all know that search optimisation is really in demand and Google is the place where everybody wants to be.

But very few people know this fact that there are very different program that Google has, which have very different function, to assist them with the online marketing. Here are some of them

  • Google docs: This is equal to internet-based Microsoft office. You have all the same kind of documents like MS-Word, Spread sheet documents etc. But the most reliable thing is that they can be shared with the people easily. Most catchy part of this is that you can see the live edits being made to the document in real time. These documents are live creature.
  • Google alerts: this is one of the most absolute great tool which helps in keeping you up-to-date with news in relation to keyword phrases. Many people have started using this alert for their company name, as well as for competitor company names, to see when these people are using these words in their content. It really helps you in building up the standard of the company.
  • Google news: a very effective tool which always keeps you up to date. It always keeps us updating about the industry news. It is a very powerful tool which helps in generating content for your own marketing efforts.
  • Google keyword tools: there are the two versions of this tool. One is AdWords version and other is the free version. You can find any of the keyword from both. They are very powerful and useful tool. They also allow you to type those keywords which are typed by any other users.
  • Google AdWords: it is a very powerful tool. If one has understood it well and can deal with it, then it can be very useful for them. There are two main networks within it. One is content/display and other is search. These two are the main tools which need a bit of practise and after doing a work on it you can do amazing things by yourselves.
  • Google reader: it is the most time saving tool. It is said so because you can search any keyword on it and will get only those information which is relevant to you. Whenever these sites release information regarding the keyword, you will have the content presented in front of you in an orderly manner.

Using these tools not only saves your time but as well as your money. When everything you can find so easily then why not use them wisely. Making money online is becoming so easy, so why not utilize the thing that we can get so easily, just need to be more focussed and hard working.

How to make your content worthy to read

When you are reading some article or any content, it should be so logical and well founded that the reader loves reading it. What all is required in a content should be known by the writer. If he/she wants to gain the attention of readers towards his work than the content that he provides should be extraordinary. Most importantly is to connect with the reader and to know what all is appreciated by them.

Few points that a writer should never forget are as follow:

  1. Relevant content: your content will only came into limelight when you are providing the most relevant content to your audience. Never like according to yourselves write according to them. What are their needs?

Like for example- if you are writing about fitness but they want to know about lifestyle. Your hard work will be wasted because you are not writing for your targeted audience. It will reduce your viewers. So providing relevant content to your readers will be very helpful to you and will equally work for them as well.

Writing content is not always about writing the toughest word you know. Sometimes it also leads you in trouble because simple things works more than the difficult and fancy ones. Write something which everyone can understand and easy to relate with.


  1. Timeless content: it refers to as that your content should never base on time. They should be the one that can be read by anyone anytime whenever they feel like reading about it. It should not make an image in their mind that, it is past and cannot be read again. Make it full of knowledge and hard work that whenever the reader reads it, appreciates your work.

Keep writing new contents and make them such that everybody loves reading it.


  • Readable content: the content that you are providing to your readers should be interesting. For an instance if we keep on writing and writing it can make the reader bore and they will not show their interest in reading.

But if you have the quality of providing punches or comparison into lines, will make them more allure towards your content. Keeping in mind that content should have acceptable comparison, which should not lead you into fuss.


  1. Accurate content: when you are writing some content it should be absolutely accurate because if it won’t you might lose all your viewers. Always be truthful to your readers. Sometimes to complete the work faster, people tend to indulge into the copy-paste work of the articles. But it does not show your accuracy.

Only write about that topic about which you have knowledge about, otherwise it will prove to be a blunder. But if you really want to write about the topic so firstly collect all the information about it and then go for it. Readers will definitely encourage an honest writer not the one who is a liar with his writings as well.

Make best use of your capabilities and you will win hearts of many. It is not just the saying but the truth of live. The better you work, the more you are applauded.

How to get maximum number of comments on your blog!!

There is always question what blog is and how to get a lot of comment for your blog post? So here we start with that a blog is a communication between two. One is the reader and other is the blogger. In a successful blog both the blogger and the reader take the initiatives to give the comments but sometimes it is only one sided.

The blogger every time share his view with the reader but it do not replicates back. They write blogs everyday but the readers do not leave a comment. It feels really unacceptable. With the help of the comment blogger gets updated that how much reader liked their blog. It helps them to know what is currently running in the mind of the reader and what kind of topic is appreciated by them.

  • The more you know about your reader’s habit and what they prefer to read, the more you will get the comments on your blog. If you are posting one blog in a week than there must be some comments that will show your success.
  • Human psychology: there is a thing which can be seen in all the humans is that nobody wants to get a zero. It refers to as that nobody wants to remain devoid of the comments on their blogs. So for getting more and more shares it is really very important to give a review box so that the readers can take initiative to drop their comment.
  • Invite your friends: it refers to as that if you have written a blog and asked your friends and relatives to comment on it. They will never hesitate in commenting on your blogs and will either encourage you for the same. This will positively attract the readers to read the blog. When the bunch of comments are available than normal readers will attract immediately.
  • Offering prize: it is one of the cheesy ways to get more and more comments on your blog. But if you need it can have to pay the prize for the same.
  • Build top commenter list: it refers to as that we can get more and more comments on our blog but you can empower the readers. This will dominate your reader to comment as early as possible.
  • Visit other bloggers website: if you want more comments on your blog it is important to comment on other blogs as well. They will definitely get attracted by the same and will visit your page.

But to get more and more comments it is really relevant to write what your reader desire. If you are not attacking on the mind of the reader you will never able to write about what they require and will never get what you wants.

How to get more shares from social media

There are many questions which come to the mind of the public but it is our duty to give them the answer of the question which they need. What is important for you is to bring more and more shares to the website. For the same you need to write well content for the website.

Many times, people don’t like reading the long articles but it is the fact that long articles do have lot of content and can solve the problem which the readers are facing. If your article is accurate you will get shares of the article and will therefore increase the amount of people reading it as well as sharing it.

As now-a-days most of the people are very much inclined towards Facebook. It is very substantial place to choose where you know readers will at least once click to read your article. Too many cooks spoil the broth. This proverb can come true if you don’t select the correct social media optimization strategy. There are many social media networks which can be chosen to increase the shares.

The list which is known by everyone is Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, twitter. These are the four-main media which will help you in getting more and more shares. You can share the video, links of different articles and blogs through Facebook and can get the shares on your link if it connects with the people. So, keeping in mind some of the factors that connect with the reader will give you more than 100 shares a day.

Twitter is the way of social media where you must write in short about the content that you are providing. To get more and more numbers of shares, keeping in mind to begin with you should keep up a free account with twitter and start following the fellow people and start sharing your work. This is required with all the social media marketing strategy.

Attraction marketing is very useful at the time of sharing from social media. It is true that if you attract the people with your content you must make them stable to read it all and that can be cured with the help of attraction marketing.


sial share

Sharing more and more of your content will force the reader to read the content. The essence of social media is which channel will communicate who you are most effectively. Treating all the social media channels as one, will lead you in a lot of pressure and will drain all your resources. So it is very prominent to see that which medium will deliver the best result in communicating your message as well as helping you in gaining more and more shares.

As we know that social media provide awareness as well as knowledge but it is true that it also provides profit. It is very difficult to tell the exact measure that social media have on the website but studies have shown that it is around 2% of revenue that are generated by social media channel. It is therefore very important to choose the correct social media channel for getting more and more shares.