Yahoo’s name change represents one of the saddest ending to one of the most familiar names on the internet. Yahoo was basically merged with Verizon who is paying $4.8 billion solely for yahoo’s core internet business, leaving behind 15% of Chinese retail giant alibaba and a part of yahoo Japan. Upon the closing of the $4.8 billion sale of yahoo’s operating business yahoo renamed itself as “altaba”. Altaba Inc will being with certain new directions as an investment company. Altaba will be required to regular and be regulated as an investment company act of 1940. This 4.8$ billion acquisition is expected to close in the first quarter of 2017.

Yahoo is the company that changed the world. Before yahoo, the internet was a government research project. Yahoo humanized and popularized the web, email, search and many other things. Now I will tell you what does the new name of yahoo means. It actually means the combination of “alternative and alibaba”. Now what remains in yahoo is only its former glory. After this auction we might not see the yahoo’s ever rising from its ashes. Yahoo was originally internet guide to most of the Indians. Even Marissa Mayer is resigning from yahoo board in March 2017 but before leaving the company renamed it as altaba. This announcement about the rename of the yahoo was done by SEC (securities exchange commission). The remaining company under the new name altaba inc. is hanging on its 15% ownership on alibaba and 35% stake in yahoo Japan which is a joint venture with Softbank. Once yahoo was one of the kings of internet but it is lost out to more innovative rivals including Google and face book.

This renaming of the name from yahoo to altaba is more like a rebranding move by the company. This verizon buyout will leave out important yahoo properties like alibaba and yahoo Japan. Altaba portion of yahoo will also develop some sort of their own brand of search engine to compete with established companies like google, face book and the original yahoo.  Last year only, yahoo reveled twice that its company servers were hacked. So off course there were trust and credibility issues.


Reading is something which will make you more creative, innovative, it will lead to better understandings, self-developmentand one of the most important it gives meaning to your life as you learn numerous things. When you read new books you gain new information and it applies in all sectors, you start learning and experiencing new things.
Search engines are basically the current arena of today’s marketing. These days it is really necessary for the marketing companies to digitalize their products online. And mostly it can be done by search engine marketing. Here now I will suggest some of the books for search engine marketing through which you can gain more information. Here we go:-

1- Global search engine marketing by ANNE F. KENNEDY.


This book is excellent for effectives and well trusted search engine marketing techniques.

2- Optimize by LEE ODDEN.


It is one of the best books for content and online marketing. This book actually gives idea about how approach practically and social media optimization with content marketing boosts visibility, customer engagement of your website.

3- Multilingual digital marketing by MARIA JOHNSEN


This book will actually make you understand the most all important concepts of search engine marketing and search engine result pages.

4- 50 ways to make Google love your website by STEVE JOHNSON and LIAM McGee.


This helps you in making you understand how prospects search for the kinds of things offering to them. This book will make you understand how Google actually sifts the billions of its pages and how it indexes information and decides ranking of any website.

5- Winning results with Google ad words, second edition by ANDREW GOODMAN.


This book actually teaches you latest techniques for writing successful ads, increasing conversion rates, maximizing online sales and selecting and grouping specific key words.



This book updates you with some of the best SEO tools and SEM methods that let you understand everything. You can also learn SEO local, vertical, organic and other SEO opportunities.

7- Insider secrets for a successful website business by SHARON DELAROSE.


This book has systematic guidelines that let you know important tips to make money from website by spending time in creating and updating website in a search engine in a friendly manner.

8- Advanced web metrics with Google analytics by BRIAN CLIFTON.


It teaches techniques to measure the success of your digital marketing campaign.


To comment on something is a way to express your opinion. It’s a privilege given to every single individual who firstly is fed with knowledge on a topic and then asked to divulge his say on it. A comment also acts as a feedback to the daily blogger, a measure to the response his blog is getting from users all around. Positive comments encourage the blogger to take his blog is getting from users all around. Positive comments encourage the blogger to take his blog to new higher level. Whereas negative comments acts as a demoralize bloggers. Negative comments on blog are mere provocation, not all worthy of attention. Here, I am mentioning some of the methods to deal with negative blog comments:-

1- Firstly, you should have a cool head acts as a think-tank and a minimal level of maturity to handle provocation.

2- Read and re read the comment in order to fully understand what the reader wants to say. Acting in haste may be an act resulting in unfavorable consequences. Hence, it is advisable to take time, think and then respond to that comment.

3- your opinion on a topic may be a unique one, not likely to match with others. If a comment disagreeing with your say comes across, try to see the topic from the reader’s point of view. If it looks better, make sure to congratulate him, if not just point out his flaws with a touch of professionalism.

4- A reader might have just come up with a new look at your topic and have pointed out your flaws. Go into further details and look into you is comment is really true. You might learn something new. It simply adds up to your experience.

5- Sometimes, you may face a comment which can be really aggressive enough to make you react unprofessional. Sometimes comments can be highly provocative. It is highly advisable to respond to those comments in a professional manner. It’s better not to pay heeds to those comments or either do it with polite humor  and off course being professional. Then delete .


From a Google customer’s perspective sense as someone who gives the company money in exchange for this is a proposition with little risk. Adwords typically operate on a cost per click basis, meaning that an advertiser can place an ad with zero obligations. The traditional advertising media- radio, television, newspapers etc. A static general purpose ad can’t tell whose activity in the market for whatever product it’s selling. To accommodate latter the people who aren’t ready to buy but who might otherwise keep your competitors’ top of mind Google lets you pay per impression. Adwords are the only prong of Google’s dual revenue strategy. A related and similarity named but different service is adsense. Adsense allows owners of the websites to join Google network and run Google branded ads. Google algorithms do all the work too! Companies that pay Google to run those ads indirectly benefit site owners who use ad sense.

96% of the Google’s revenue comes from advertising; the company is so big that still leaves 1.5 billion dollars. Every other service Google offers from maps to earth to Gmail to docs to drive exists to further the primary business. Those services were expensive to create and require great resources to maintain but for the result are having users spend more time of Google and thus perpetuate reading and clicking on Google ads- it’s money well spent. Always test your skills with trading challenges. Put your trading skills to the test. Sign up and start today. Start interacting with other traders from diverse backgrounds and experiences and learn the methods behind their trades to become a better investor. Indeed one can always think of Google as being like a dating agency that tries to match users who are in the process of trying to solve problems with advertisers who have products that can solve that problem.


SEO- search engine optimization is a methodology of strategies and various techniques to increase the amount of visitors to a websites by obtaining a high raking placement. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be found by the search engine. A search engine serves millions of users per day looking for answers to their questions or solutions.

1- SEO is good for the social promotion of your website. People who find your website by searching Google and yahoo are more likely to promote it on face book, twitter, Google+ or other social media channels.

2- SEO can put ahead of the competition.  Their direct benefit is having common framework to use before publishing content on the site.

Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in good training courses:-

1- A search engine optimization technique improves the visibility of a target website or web page in the natural results of a search engine. With the increasing importance of internet marketing more and more companies are beginning to invest in improving their online presence,

2- SEO courses will give you training on building links to a target website, writing content with right keywords and optimizing techniques.

3- SEO training courses provide a deeper understanding of SEO techniques and are usually designed by trained professionals.

4- Good SEO training courses also allow on-one interactions with trainers and feedback on projects that facilitates better understanding.

5- Free SEO courses might promote illegal methods to promote websites and Google can even ban website for using these illegal methods.

6- Professional SEO training courses will help you to promote your online business using high quality content and honest SEO techniques.

7- It improves internet marketing. SEO skills allow you to improve a website’s visibility on search engine results.

So here last but not the least I would recommend investing in a reputed training courses and applying what you learn to market your online business. This small and one time investment would lead to an increment in long term profits.

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