Tips To Become A Self-Made Digital Marketing Expert- A Perfect Guide

Do you love spending long hours on the web and have a deep interest in marketing? If yes, then digital marketing is one area where you can truly shine. As more and more

Are you planning to make a career in digital marketing? If so, then you are likely to think about ways to experience quick growth in your career. Here are some skills that you can use to move up the ladder within a short span of time:

Have a firm grasp over analytics

Knowhow of analytics is essential if you want to work in digital marketing. Analytics provides the data using which you can plan online marketing campaign and evaluate performance. Be it publishing content, checking the conversions of an e-commerce site or engaging with customers on social media, analytics gives a perfect picture of the progress made and helps you achieve your objectives. There is an availability of many accessible tools such as Google Analytics which you can learn to gain professional certification and add more weight to your resume.

Highlight your achievements

Create a portfolio showcasing the milestones of your career. Highlight examples of previous projects that you have worked on and generated satisfactory results.  Highlight the conversion rates or amount of traffic that you have generated for websites.  If you are applying for a career in web designing, a portfolio with its presence in your resume will make recruiters take your profile more seriously.

Follow your industry

To progress in your workplace, you need to stay updated on the new technologies, trends and events taking place around the world. Digital marketing thankfully is such an industry where experts share their ideas, experiences and knowledge to enlighten others. So, you need to open to everything new that is happening in digital marketing. Follow the blogs of experts from the industry and attend conferences to create a good impression wherever you apply for a job.


There is an acute shortage of skilled digital marketing professionals in India. So, if you have the confidence and talent to make a difference, then continuously update your skills. Though you may not be interested in website development, a good know how of coding can make you a valuable resource wherever you work. There is an ample presence of blogs and video tutorials that you can follow to enhance your knowledge.

By taking help from these resources, you will learn within a short span of time. Your interest in digital marketing will also increase. Go to a specific area that you have an interest in and write on forums related to it. Come up with goals to increase traffic and engagement, and improve your know-how of SEO techniques and social media.

Improve your network

There are numerous opportunities that can come in your way once you start working in the digital marketing industry. Join groups related to any specific aspect of digital marketing and discuss the ongoing trends with people who have similar liking.

Be helpful to your peers

If you plan to have a long-term future in the digital industry, help others do the same. Support and mentor inexperienced co-workers. It will signify that you are dedicated towards your work and help you gain the support and trust of others.